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Hotel Meetings & Private Dining

With different venues to choose from, guest can experience handcrafted service from tailor-made menus to programming assistance. The Level 1 Garden Terrace, Level 2 PHÉNIX Private Room, Level 3 Meeting Room, and Level 26 offer multifunctional event space ideal for exclusive and intimate events of up to 150 people.

Meet Shanghai's Skyline

Discover the next level of handcrafted luxury at your future event.

Choose from The Garden Terrace on Level 1, PHÉNIX eatery & bar and its Private Room on Level 2, Meeting Room on Level 3, or Level 26, a multifunctional event space which can host exclusive and intimate events and gatherings for up to 150 guests.

Each venue is catered for bespoke and to your unique needs.

Safety at The PuLi Hotel and Spa

Our promise of delivering world-leading safety, sanitation and hygiene standards.

As the world continues to confront a global health crisis, The PuLi Hotel and Spa wants to reassure you that the safety and wellbeing of our guests and employees remains the primary focus it has always been, and that the highest levels of preventative, hygiene, sanitation and ongoing training measures are in place at The PuLi Hotel and Spa, to ensure that we operate within the world-leading safety, sanitation and hygiene standards you have every right to expect as a guest of an Urban Resort Concepts hotel.