Direction & Transportations

The PuLi Hotel and Spa

1 ChangDe Road, JingAn District
Shanghai 200040 China
中国上海市静安区常德路 1 号
T: +86 21 3203 9999
F: +86 21 3251 8989

Map Legend

A: Park Place
B: Réel Depatment Store
C: JingAn Park
D: JingAn Temple
E: Kerry Centre
F: Shanghai Exhibition Centre
G: Shanghai Centre


Take Airport line from HongQiao Airport or Airport line2 from PuDong International Airport and you can directly get to the Shanghai Airport City Terminal (JingAn Temple)


The PuLi Hotel and Spa is located 50 kilometers from Shanghai PuDong International Airport, a 45-minute drive; 14 kilometers from HongQiao Airport, a 15-minute drive.


Subway line2 connects both Shanghai PuDong International Airport and HongQiao Airport. Get off at JingAn Temple station to get direct access to the Réel Shanghai Department Store.

Hotel Service

Suit check-in guests can get one single-way pick-up service at the airport for free; other single-way pick-up services are charged RMB950 to Shanghai PuDong International Airport and RMB720 to HongQiao Airport.